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Energy certification

Everyone who wants to sell, rent or refurbish his apartment have heard about “Certificate of Energy Performance”, in Italian Attestato di Prestazione Energetica APE. The APE is a mandatory document that provides the assessment of the energy consumption of the apartment and provides recommendations to increase its energetic  efficiency. The Certificate is drawn up by enabling technician, namely Energy Certificator. Our Company, EnUp srl, is specialised  to provide services aimed at certification and energy redevelopment of buildings

Approfondimenti sulla certificazione energetica

Why you need APE

Thanks to APE you can compare all the buildings from an energetic point of view in order to appreciate those having better efficiency and saving. In accordance with the European directive we need to have a “sustainable” approach to build or refurbish a building. We need therefore to follow the rules that have as fundamental aim the energy saving and the living quality of the building. The APE protects and informs  those who buy or rent a building  on its energetic consumption.

Quali sono gli obblighi e le sanzioni


The obligation to furnish the property of this certification has been in force since 2009 for the sale and since 2010 for the rent. In Italy the applicable law is 192/05 (read the 192/05 with its amendments). Sanctions for breaches are severe. Starting from October 1, 2015 important innovations on the matter have been introduced.

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All over Italy more than 50.000 people per month see our web site to request the issuing of the APE Certificate or get information and advice on energy saving issue for their property. Our network of experienced technicians, due to a continuous professional upgrade and the utilisation of the best available energy-related software, will help you on the evaluation of the energy consumption of your property. We will carefully analyse any possible measure for increasing the efficiency and the energy-money saving for your property.

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You can have a quick and reliable cost estimation, including all the expenses and taxes, at the page estimate. You will receive an e-mail with the cost to certify your property and the link to access the reserved area to manage your data. You can decide whether to accept the cost estimation and get in touch with the technician in your area.

convenzioni ape con agenzie commercialista notaio


If you are a professionist in building property management activities, such as condominium administrator, realtor, business accountant or notary you can choose with us an agreement to provide your customer with a professional service with the assurance of reliable results and the technical support of EnUp Srl. Manage your certification through the access in your management reserved area. Download our brochure.